Grilled Curry Flavored Chicken

IMG_1097Marinating food is fun and also very convenient. Chicken marinated with salt, pepper, curry powder and yoghurt is what I used for this bento. While I grilled the chicken, I also put some bell peppers. Super quick and simple! Some lettuce, pickled turnip, and string beans on the side. Love the colors.


Spicy Rolled Pork with Kimchi and String Beans

IMG_1107Rolling bento time. I am back with my rolls. This one is very simple. I rolled some Kimchi (Korean pickles) and lightly boiled string beans with sliced pork. I usually sprinkle some flour before rolling the pork so it won’t fall apart. I fried the rolls and seasoned them with a bit of soy sauce. Nice spicy rolls! Grilled eggplant and bell peppers, some mustard spinach, and tomatoes on the side.



Simple Cold Noodle with Fish Sausage and Vegetables

IMG_1046Cold noodle is a delightful dish. This is what I made some time ago when it was still quite hot. Cold noodle topped with fish sausage, cucumber, Shiso and Myoga (Japanese ginger). Soup, or rather sauce for this dish is with soy sauce, sake, sugar, sesame oil, and some vinegar. I sprinkled some sesame seed, too. Very simple and refreshing light meal suitable for holiday lunch. I like to have it with cold beer!


Quick Breaded Pork Bento

IMG_1010When I cook something like breaded or marinated food, I tend to cook a lot and keep some in the freezer for later occasions. I made use of some of those for this bento. I fried some my frozen breaded pork and seasoned them with Worcestershire sauce and ketchup. Quick cooking! Rice, tomatoes, okra and some pickles on the side. Saves a lot of time in the morning, and they even look and taste good!


Simple Veggie Breakfast

IMG_0985Simple veggie breakfast. Something I like about Japanese food. There is plenty of food and ingredients for veggie meals. Miso soup is with Tofu, Nameko mushrooms, turnip leaves and Wakame (seaweed). Some Natto (fermented soy beans) with spring onion, pickled turnip and radish, butterbur with miso. Nothing special but great dishes to go with plain rice. Nice way to start a day.






Curry Flavored Minced Meat with Vegetables

IMG_0854Curry powder is great when you want to arrange your regular dish into something a bit different. This is what I did with minced meat with vegetables for my bento. I stir-fried onion, minced meat, cooked potatoes and chopped asparagus. I thought it would be  nice with just salt and pepper seasoning, but figured adding some curry powder would give it an extra punch to go with white rice. And I was right! Some broccoli and baked carrot on the side.


Catching Up on My Bentos!

I am finally back with my bentos. It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog. It is not that I hadn’t been cooking, and I will be catching up. For starters, I am posting some of the bentos I made this summer. Others will follow!

Deep-Fried Pork Bento   豚バラの唐揚げ弁当

IMG_0710 Kamaboko and Sekihan (Rice with azuki beans) Bento かまぼことお赤飯のお弁当


Chicken Leg and Vegetable Bento 手羽元と野菜弁当


Pork Ginger and Stir-Fried Kimchi Bento 豚生姜焼きとキムチ炒め弁当

IMG_0871 長らくお休みしていましたが、ようやくブログを再開します。料理をしていた訳ではなかったので、いろいろたまっています。これから徐々にアップしていきたいと思います。まず、夏につくったお弁当をいくつか・・・・