Fried Rice with Leftover Salmon Rice

IMG_1404A simple way to make use of leftovers is fried rice. This is what I made for my bento. I had some leftover salmon rice from night before but I didn’t want to use it for lunch as it was. So, I fried salmon rice with mushrooms, flat beans and chopped spring onion. Simple salt and pepper for seasoning. It became something quite different from original salmon rice and I really enjoyed it. I had chicken wings with curry powder, marinated eggplant, broccoli and tomatoes with the fried-rice.


Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms with Pork

IMG_1212Dried Shiitake mushrooms are common in Japanese cooking. They are good in many ways but I also like fresh ones. I came across some and had them cooked for my bento. I cooked them with my usual sake and soy sauce marinated pork I kept frozen. Simple stir-fry. I love the way Shiitake mushrooms get moist and chewy with rich flavor combined with pork. Some okra, tomatoes and homemade pickled turnip on the side.




Sake Lees Pickled Pork with Turnip

IMG_1395Here we go back to pickled meat bento. I had pork marinated in miso and Sake Kasu (sake lees) for a while. I made some before like the one here. This time, I had it fried with turnip. Cooking together, you get a nice flavor of pork miso and Sake Kasu on turnip. Delicious. Some broccoli, marinated eggplant and some tomatoes on the side.


Pork Shabu-Shabu Salad

This is a salad with popular pork shabu-shabu. I’ve made several pork shabu-shabu dish before including some for bentos. You can check how it is made here. This dish was for dinner when I wanted something not too heavy. I just put pork shabu-shabu with lettuce, cucumber, onion, Myoga and Shiso. I forgot to take photo but I had it with sesame paste dressing.


Leftover Ham and Lettuce Bento

IMG_1378Leftovers are important source of bento making. At least it’s true with me. This bento is typical. I stir-fried some leftover ham and lettuce I used for sandwich the day before. It is hard to see from the photo, but I put some chili for seasoning. Aside from bell peppers I grilled, I just put pickled cucumber and corn I had in the fridge. Not much cooking. Oh! I almost forgot. I put some cherries as my treat for this bento! Quite a veggie bento after all.


Salted Mackerel with Vinegar and Sesame Seed

IMG_1226Mackerel is one of my favorite fish. The easiest ones you can get are salted fillets. I often keep some frozen. They are very convenient for any cooking including for bentos. Instead of grilling mackerel (salted) fillets, I fried them with a bit of oil and seasoned them with vinegar for this bento. Yes, vinegar. I love Shimesaba, vinegar-marinated raw mackerel, and I thought it would also nice to cook salted mackerel with vinegar. I sprinkled some sesame seeds for additional flavor. I was right about vinegar and mackerel. It was very good indeed. Some grilled bell peppers, mustard spinach and tomatoes on the side.